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Who could resist a project with a title like this! Well let’s call this one ‘The Neigbourhood Learning Programme’ because that’s where it all began. In a neighbourhood not too far away, well Stockbridge Village to be exact. Local RSL Villages Housing in partnership with Knowsley MBC’s Partnerships and Communities team were tasked to deliver a series of learning and training opportunities for residents.

What was our role? We brought it all together with a Small Price approach to project delivery, coordination and real results. Through community consultation, targeting individuals and community groups and identifying training requirements, aspirations & gaps in skills.

A pivotal part in all of this was our communications, resident engagement and promotion expertise. Using our tried and tested marketing mix. All of the courses and training were promoted through word of mouth, leaflets, local advertising as well as social media and not forgetting public events.

In just over 5 months The Neighbourhood Learning Programme delivered 40 community courses, created 240 learning opportunities with 153 residents from across Knowsley taking part.

Our work doesn’t end there. To date the Neighbourhood Learning identity has become an accepted and trusted brand across the estate which continues to provide accessible and engaging learning opportunities for all residents. The NLP Face book group has retained it’s 1000+ membership and continues to grow as we continue to build on the successful partnership work – encouraging agencies and organisations to market and promote learning and training opportunities for residents under the trusted Neighbourhood Learning brand. Take a look at our Neighbourhood Learning in Stockbridge Village photo album on our Smallpricemarketing facebook page.

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