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Cost effective marketing for Small Business in Merseyside

At Small Price Marketing we can help get your business growing through the delivery of cost effective and creative marketing services. Saving you time and money so you can get out there and suceed. Here are some of the marketing services we provide for small business across Merseyside.

Business Marketing Services

Small Price Marketing is BIG on delivering small business marketing services and local enterprise marketing solutions. Were proud to be small and want to take you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Small business marketing is our business. We have simple marketing packages designed for small budgets to equip your business. From personalised logo designs, leaflets, stationary, business cards through to responsive designed and developed websites, social media marketing, online and print media advertising and email marketing to list but a few. Small Price Marketing can help you be seen, get noticed and be heard.

Our Small Business Marketing Services

We’ve got lots of ideas to help you grow your business or organisation and we are practical in our approach with over 12 years marketing and communications expertise. Our straight forward, time-saving and cost effective services reflect that.

Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to arrange a FREE consultation or quote for a specific marketing or communications service.

Our Small Business Marketing Services & Solutions:

  • Logo Design – that’s yours and unique to your business
  • Leaflets & Posters – tell new customers you are here
  • Business Cards – to get out there and network
  • Website Design – SEO-ready so you can be easily found
  • Website Development – bespoke and professional websites
  • Social Media – drive business and engage with new customers
  • Banners & Advertising – to be seen and get noticed
  • Event Management – for a new service or product launch
  • Promotional Items – to boost marketing campaigns and events

The more we communicate and engage the more opportunities we create. Small Price Marketing is BIG on communities and neighbourhoods across Merseyside.

If your looking to develop a youth group, residents’ association or local mums and tots group you’ll need to be seen, heard and noticed. Community marketing should be everything that you do.

Maybe you have a keep fit class that nobody knows about or attendance is low at your residents association meetings. Perhaps you want to create a neighbourhood environmental campaign that’s shaped and delivered by your local community. We have lots of big, affordable and cost effective community marketing ideas that can help. From creating a logo for a new group, designing leaflets for a community fun day to social media training to engage and enlist new audiences.

Simply tell us who you are and what you want to do, we’ll help you get there on budget and on time with our Small Price Marketing services.

Our Community Marketing Services & Engagement:

  • Logo Design – for a new or existing group
  • Leaflets – for community fundays, festivals or fundraisers
  • Social Media – to engage and enlist new members
  • Banners – tell people who and where you are
  • Event Management – community consultation & activities
  • Website Design – SEO-ready so you can be easily found
  • Website Development – bespoke and professional web development for local organisations
  • Advertisments – tell people you are here
  • Training & Facilitation – develop your group for the future

Cost effective communications for local Community Groups

Using our extensive engagement & marketing expertise we can spread the word and make things happen in your neighbourhood. We provide affordable, no nonsense and practical marketing and communications solutions so you can be seen & heard in your community.